Extra Time

Students with 3 AP courses have been provided with a free period


With senioritis kicking in and homework stacking high, the elites of the class of 2019 need some extra time to stay on top of things. Luckily for students like Brendan Doane and Delton Langley, the school has a solution.  Any senior taking three or more AP classes now has the opportunity to have a free period. During this hour of the day, they are sent to the library where they may work on homework, print off papers, or just de-stress from the rigorous day of an AP student.  With focus and hard work, seniors can now find themselves having little to no homework despite their packed school day and they spend this whole period surrounded by their peers who take similar classes allowing them to work together to tackle the college-level courses.  Senior Delton Langley, when asked about the free period, said, “I think it’s one of the most useful tools the school has provided me with. Without that free period I most likely would be drowning in homework every night and would be in over my head.”

Thankfully the likelihood of that happening has been reduced. The students striving to take as many AP courses as they can should feel more reassured that they will have the time to accomplish everything their classes require of them.