College Visits Help to Make a Decision


While senior year is something that should be fun and memorable, there are still numerous responsibilities that you have to take care of.  As the class of 2023 approaches the time for college there are a lot of things to think about.  Seniors begin to take college visits all around the state and or country.  Athletes begin to talk to college coaches if they are interested in being a collegiate athlete.  Even writing essays for scholarships and applications is something that must be worked on.  While it might be stressful for some, it is something that can be very exciting in the long run. 

Seniors are allowed a certain amount of days per year to be missed for college visits.  Taking in as much as they can into each visit they go to.  Trying to find the pros, the cons, and trying to weed out the schools they have no interest in whatsoever.  Try adding sports into that and it makes for a very difficult decision.  Not only do you have to just pick a school, but then the athlete has to get the coaches attention.  Finding everything you like in one place is very challenging for sure. 

Senior Khyia Hunt stated “I went on a college visit to Eastern Michigan University.  I liked the sports facilities and the campus but I didn’t really love it.  It didn’t feel like a future home. The girls on the soccer team didn’t have the best energy and the coaches seemed too laid back.” That sums up her experience of one of her college visits. 

Maggie Page, with the goal of playing college tennis, went to North Carolina for a college visit. “I absolutely loved everything about the campus, the girls on the tennis team, the coach, and just the feeling of being in that catholic school environment! That is 100% where I want to be.” 

Sarah Anastasiadis said “I visited Adrian College with the cross country coach who hoped I would run there next year, and everyone was super nice and welcoming. The school was close knit and offered everything I could want, like theater, choir, and running.” 

All of these seniors depict different aspects of what they are looking for in a college or university.

In between all of the essay writing and college visiting it is still important for the seniors to enjoy their senior year.  It is going to fly by and then it will be done.  Making memories with your friends is vital in order to have a good high school experience.  Just remember that no matter where you end up it will definitely be a new adventure.