New Homebase House System

New houses are starting to come together with a sense of pride.


This year Lumen Christi is introducing a new house system for students to get involved and compete in competitions. Each high school student is assigned to one of the 7 homebase houses which are Drexel, Assisi, DePaul, Desales, Bosco, Maxis, Romero, and Seton. These homebase houses meet every week on Fridays during seminar for different competitions.  Each house is separated into a male Homebase and female Homebase that team together. This new system helps students get to know others from different grades and form new relationships to come together as a community.

This system will have the 7 houses compete against each other in competitions for rewards by winning points. Winning houses receive monthly and quarterly rewards, and at the end of the year the ultimate winner will get the House Cup Trophy. To aquire points there will be competitions for each house to have a chance to win throughout the year. The students can also obtain points for their house by participating in school events, clubs, and sports. For example, if a student is a part of the student council or plays for the football team they would recieve extra points for their house.

This year’s first homebase house competition took place Friday September 10, 2021. A game of Tug of War was played between the 7 houses. Every house tried their best but the two finalists were Bosco and Maxis. In the end the winner of the first competition of the year was House Maxis. They climbed to number one on the leaderboard but that was just the beginning to a fun filled year of Homebase house competitions so any house could take their place.