In the Dark

What started off as one day off turned into something bigger.


On September 24th, Lumen lost power because of a transformer outside of the building that caught on fire. The fire then spread inside to a power panel which then made the school building lose power. The school administration then had to try and either find a large generator as a temporary fix to the problem or find the correct replacement parts on time. All students had to abruptly go to online learning for a few days because of the loss of power. The online learning was very reminiscent of being in quarantine for corona last year and the year before that. Students had zoom calls until September 28th, and returned to school on September 30th. Luckily, with the work students and teachers had done online in the previous year and half, the transition to online was smooth and seamlesss. The school administration miraculously solved the problem by reaching out to Hirst Electric to give them a temporary fix until the needed parts can be ordered and installed. . This now meant that students would be able to return to school because power had returned to the building.