Interfaith Shelter is starting this year strong!


This Wednesday, our school’s Interfaith Shelter met in the library to plan out the year. Mrs, Mijal, Mrs. Burdick, Mr Iding, and Mrs. Kool all rallied students together to bring about a great year for the shelter. Many students came, including the previous members such as Brenna Dumont, Jenna Barks, and Anthony Stewart, as well as some brand new students. New members are always welcomed and are a necessity to keep the shelter’s efforts afloat every year.


Looking to broaden the reach of the shelter, freshmen and sophomores are heavily encouraged to join. Most current members are senior students such as Emeka Parker and Michaela Hauer so keeping the shelter strong through new students would be wonderful. We need your help to keep running and supplying our effort to help the poor.


Mrs. Burdick had a great idea to have athletics teams volunteer at the shelter. Ask your coaches when they have time to serve and get the team down to the shelter to help. It should only take an hour of your time and with combined efforts, the shelter should be able to help over 1,000 people per year!


Good things always come out of the interfaith shelter. This year’s interfaith shelter looks to have a bright future and succeed in their goal of helping the poor and unfortunate. We look forward to their success as a community and support them all we can.