Catholic Schools Week


Catholic Schools Week is a time in which Lumen Christi puts an emphasis on the faith aspect of their education. To kick off this week, the Titans sent representatives selected from the student body to go to each of the surrounding parishes and speak on Lumen’s behalf. These students were encouraged to speak on their own personal experiences at Lumen, providing a unique talk for each parish. Speakers were recommended to take 2-3 minutes for their speeches and relate their story to their faith in some way. These speeches were formed by the students and then sent to Mrs. Kristovic for analysis. Speeches were then given at the end of mass on the Sunday before Catholic schools week. Parish participants watched and listened as the pastor welcomed a student up to the podium to speak. Students were able to give their own insight into the upcoming week at Lumen Christi.

The 2019 Catholic Schools Week was set to have a week of fun activities during the last week of January. During this week,  activities are usually planned to give the students a much-needed break from their everyday school week. There was a student appreciation day, teacher appreciation day,  and a Friday assembly to end the week on a fun note.

On Tuesday,  all the Catholic schools of Jackson came together for an all-area mass.  Those schools are Lumen Christi Catholic high school, Queen of the Miraculous Medal elementary school, St John’s elementary school, and St. Mary’s elementary school. This mass is put on by the staff and all the Catholic priests from the Jackson area. The mass was led by Fr. Brian.  All of the elementary schools sat in chairs on the gym floor while the high school students sat in the bleachers. The grades that came from elementary schools were 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. At the end of the mass, the 3 elementary schools had a competition to see who could sing the fight song the loudest. The 6th grade won. All around, it was a good mass.

As it happened, a winter blizzard just so happened to hit Michigan the week of Catholic Schools Week. There was no school Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. This pretty much put a pause on all the activities that were planned. Only being at school for two days wasn’t enough time to get in the scheduled events. Having three snow days wasn’t the end of the world, however. If anything, it was the best possible outcome for this week. Spending a few extra days at home was the most relaxing Catholic School’s Week possible. The teachers probably felt the same way as they also love a snow day. At the end of the day, nobody was too torn up about having to stay in the house for three more days. Yes, students did want to participate in the activities throughout the week, but having three snow days will never disappoint anyone.