CEO Challenge Winners

Congrats Delton, Jackson, and Patrick !


    On Saturday, March 2, the CEO challenge at Baker College took place. Students from all over Jackson county presented some inventions they had developed, along with providing a well-thought out plan for why it was useful. The winner of this competition would receive $10,000 cash, the opportunity to make their invention a reality, and the opportunity to start their own business.

   After a day of presentations, the judges chose their winners. Lumen’s very own seniors Patrick Lucas and Delton Langley along with sophomore Jackson White were the champions! Their invention was called the side swipe, which is a large eraser to wipe out the marker on a dry erase board all in one swipe. This product is one that will facilitate the jobs of teachers, professors, and business owners. Patrick Lucas was asked about how the win felt and said, “It was cool.”  He is looking forward to starting his business along with his two colleagues.

   Patrick, Delton, and Jackson should be very proud of their invention and victory. They are living examples that when people put their minds together, they can develop and accomplish amazing things. We wish the best of luck to them in the future and are so proud of their accomplishments! Congratulations Patrick, Delton, and Jackson!