Get to Know the Sophomore Homecoming Court


Get to Know the Sophomore Homecoming Court


         Each year, a homecoming court is chosen. Every grade votes for who they feel is most deserving. A ballot was given to every student. They were instructed to vote for five girls and five boys. After tallying the votes, Anna Doane and Sam Martin are the lucky candidates for the sophomore class. Here are a few interesting questions they were asked.

Sam Martin

  1. What are some fun facts about yourself? “I was on the cover of a magazine once.”
  2. Describe your family. “I have three sisters: Kelly, Rachel, and lucy. I also have one brother, Alex, along with my mom and dad.”
  3. Why do you attend Lumen Christi? “because my faith and friends are very important to me.”
  4. What is your favorite teacher and subject? Why? “I like theology with Mr. Anderson because he is super funny and can answer any question.”
  5. What things are you involved in here at Lumen Christi? “I do marching band, student council, improv, students for life, tennis, and I did the musical this past spring.”
  6. Why do you think your classmates voted for you? “because I try to be a friend to everyone.”
  7. Are you excited to be on court alongside Anna Doane? “Yes, I like Anna’s humor, she is really funny and cool.”
  8. How can we make this school year even better than the rest? “I think if everyone is excited and motivated for this school year, it’ll be better than the rest.”

Anna Doane

  1. What was your immediate reaction to getting on court? “well, I said no, but then I said yes because I thought it would be fun.”
  2. Why do you think your peers voted for you? “because I strive for excellence and am determined.”
  3. What are you involved in here at Lumen Christi? “I am in yearbook, SADD, student council, soccer, and basketball.”
  4. What is your favorite part about homecoming week? “the dress down days and the dance.”
  5. What’re some fun facts about yourself? “My club soccer team made it to the State Cup quarterfinals, I play the piano, and I have two dogs named Shadow and Gary.”
  6. Explain your family. “My sister, Shannon, is in college. My brother ,Brendan, is a senior here at Lumen, and Kathleen, my little sister, is in sixth grade at Saint Johns.”