Lumen Crowns 2019 Homecoming King and Queen

Seniors Greg Stechschulte and Rebecca Berkemeier were voted by their peers for king and queen.


During halftime of Lumen’s homecoming game against Coldwater, this past September 13th, the 16 students making up the homecoming court made their way across the field. Dressed up in their finest wear and accompanied by their parents and guardians, they were chosen as their class and school representatives from amongst their peers. This year, Greg Stechschulte and Rebecca Berkemeier were chosen to be the 2019 king and queen. 

Rounding out the rest of the homecoming court were seniors Keegan Smith, Caden Gregory, Jordan Vannest, Gene Hendrickson, Megan Gibson, Ellery Keene, Emma Pelletier,  and Elizabeth Spencer. The junior representatives were Tyler Thornhill and Chloe Pryson. The sophomores were represented by Ximenes (Chunky) Willis and Lily Beebe. The freshmen representatives were Ashley Hilderley and Joe Lathers.