Traveling Science


Traveling Science has been at this school for quite some time now. It is nothing new to this school. The question comes up as what exactly is traveling science? Mrs. Theoret explained to me that it is a service club that goes around to different elementary schools and does hands-on experiments with the children. They have a dozen people in this years club. And most of the experiments they conduct are in the fall because that is the most convenient time for the elementary school teachers. Also, it is easier to go to the schools and not have the risk of icy roads.  The club has done one experiment thus far this year. Most times the science projects are simple and understandable for the elementary kids. When I was interviewing Mrs. Theoret about the club she told me that she has not been to the one experiment that they have conducted this year. Unfortunately I was not able to get what the experiment was. Mrs. Theoret was excited about this year and the club, she said the next time they go out to the elementary schools will be near the end of October. Traveling Science is an open club and you are welcome to join anytime.