Pros and Cons Of School Uniform


Kate Lathers

Lumen Christi students got new uniforms the school year of 2016-2017.  New uniforms help the school staff make sure that students at Lumen Christi are always in perfect dress code. Although it helps the teachers and staff with staying in control, most students did not agree with the change.
Students that go to a Lumen Christi are not very appreciative of the dress code because they are not used to being in uniform. Before the 2016-2017 school year, students were allowed to wear whatever kind of khakis that they wanted and a polo of their choice. The way students dressed just did not look like a private school dress code.
However, there are some students that do appreciate the dress code. For one, it saves students time on picking an outfit every day just to come to school. The uniforms are also fairly comfortable. So this makes it easy to focus in class without being uncomfortable.
Overall, our new school uniforms are a great way to keep the dress code in control while being comfortable. Although some people may not agree with it, the uniforms are a lot easier to pick out than to pick a new outfit every single day.