Tino and Zeke: Best Buds

The incredible friendship between a boy and his furry friend.


Ever since our lovely math teacher Mrs. Kraus entered the building last year, she created a friendship no one thought would happen. This friendship had not occurred between her and someone else, oh no. This friendship occurred between her furry sidekick Zeke, and, now senior, Caden “Tino” Martines.

The two kicked it off right from the beginning. Tino, a well-known dog lover, would go to Zeke for pets, treats, and math help. The two share meals at lunch time together and go on walks frequently. “I’m currently in the process of knitting a sweater with both of our faces on it, but it’s a surprise so don’t tell Mrs. K or Zekey Poo please,” Mr. Martines stated.

Now, Tino doesn’t hog Zeke all to himself – he lets his buddy Samuel “Sijpa” Putman to do cuddles with him. When asked, “What is your favorite about Zeke?” Tino immediately responded with “My favorite thing about Mr. Zekers is that he loves to let Samuel Putman pet and give him treats!” Now with Tino on the verge of graduating, he is already sad about leaving his little buddy. Tino plans on making frequent trips to Lumen and seeing his little buddy.