Patio Dance is back


This year the Patio dance was back and better than ever.  Every Year the first full day of school, all high schoolers come out to the patio on the back of the school and celebrate the beginning of a new year.   Every year people’s biggest complaint is the music.  The students always say the music is boring and it’s not fun.  Alexa Spencer says the music was better this year.

In past years senior girls were able to make a grand entrance.  This this year they were able to do it again, The girls theme was purge theme.   They made a grand entrance in cop cars and threw glitter all over their legs.  They had purge theme t-shirts and some even had purge masks.

This year every high school came in with positive attitudes and was ready for the new year. The most exciting things people are looking forward to are spring break, graduation and prom. This year is going to be a blast and is off to a great start.