Captain Smith


Interviewee Connor smith, captain of Lumen Christi football team 

Interviewer Logan Decker 


I had a great opportunity to interview Connor Smith, a senior on the Lumen Christi Varsity football team Connor is a great athlete but on the field is an even better leader and that’s what makes him a captain. When I asked. 


When I asked how Connor felt the team was going he told me that after starting with a rough start of 0 and 3 he says we are starting to come together as a team and we’ve seen that with wins over western and cold water and feels that the energy is picking up and that this team is special. 


Connor mentioned that this team takes the field with high energy and every person on the team has the same goal in mind a state championship. When I asked what made lumen Christi football different from other schools he told me hard work discipline and tradition is what makes the team.


Connors outlook for the rest of the season is Winning out and making the playoffs Conor’s says that we are starting to play and win like a team. Connor has committed to Grand Valley State university To continue his football career while in college and is graduating this spring.