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Trying to limit the spread.


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A simple vector logo of a Covid-19 protective face mask with the text “Face Masks Required” in a red circle

On Wednesday, September 29, Mrs. Kristovic announced in an email and voicemail that all faculty, staff,
students, visitors, etc. are required to wear masks indoors. This news is not necessarily
unfortunate. The mandate is only required from dates Thursday, September 30 through Sunday,
October 10. All outdoor activities may continue maskless: powderpuff, sport activities, etc.
In the email, Mrs. Kristovic wrote that  “during this time, we
have also had rapidly developing COVID positive cases and quarantines. In the first four weeks
of school, we had one positive case of COVID and six students in quarantine, total. In the last
week, since we have been out of school, we have had 5 positive cases of COVID and we have
22 students currently in quarantine. Had we been in school during this time, we estimate more
than 100 students would have been quarantined.”
Students, staff, and all other Lumen affiliates, we’ll have the opportunity to return to school
maskless on Monday, October 11.

The majority of exposed students get to return to school Oct. 4th,  which is just in time for
homecoming week.  That would have been very unfortunate if they
had to miss that week of activities. We are all hoping that from here on out that these numbers
stay where they are and don’t start to grow so that we can have a smooth school year and that it
doesn’t get too common for kids to be in quarantine.staa