A Lumen Christi Tradition


Every year on the first or second day of school Lumen Christi Juniors host the patio dance. This has been happening for many years and it’s something that everybody enjoys. The dance is something that is just for the High School students. Among the Seniors they pick a theme for themselves to match the rest of their class. The Seniors also always have a grand entrance into the dance to make themselves known. There are many traditions that happen every year with this dance that continue year to year.


For this year’s dance the students tried to make it even more fun since last year they didn’t get to have one because of Covid. The students held true to this and made it tons of fun for every grade that could attend. Mr. Marcero is the amazing DJ every year and he always plays great music that everyone can enjoy. He even makes it that the teachers jump in from time to time to dance with the students. Everyone that hosts the dance always makes it enjoyable that it makes the students already ready for the next dance.


During Middle school this is something that they all look forward to doing when they become highschool students as well. It is something to enjoy every year of school and it always starts the school year off right. This tradition will hopefully carry on for many years to come. The Patio dance is something that students will never forget and will want to do every year. To next year’s Patio Dance!!