Ms. Freel is For Real

Meet Ms. Freel .


Ms. Freel is a new teacher here at Lumen this year.  She is teaching middle school and a freshman literature class.  

Originally from Millersburg, MI, she has been living in Georgia the past 15 years. Freel has taught and did guidance counseling in Georgia for 8 years, ranging from grades 9-12.  She is a big Dolly Parton lover, but she has never been to Dollywood! Also, a coffee lover, hence her ‘Tea and Talk’ seminar.  “I am obvi a Jesus lover,” her words, not mine. 

Freel has a love for travel, that’s no surprise. Her favorite places that she has travelled are Ireland and Iceland! Chile is on her bucket list, but not just visiting… She wants to go on a roadtrip the entire length of Chile. 

Never having been to Jackson before you’d wonder how she ended up here? Ms.Freel wanted to move back to Michigan to be closer to her family so she applied at a ton of jobs.  She believes that Lumen was meant for her.  As soon as she heard back from here then the other places tried to reach out, but she knew Lumen was meant to be her new home. Mrs. Burdick and Mrs.Bowden showed her around Lumen and Jackson. That was all she needed to know to realize she was now a part of the Titan family.