Spring Musical Interview with Emma Maki



            Lumen Christi’s Drama Department is putting on the show “Oklahoma.” This is a show you will not want to miss, as sophomore Emma Maki explains. It is taking place on March 7-9. Tickets are $5-$12, depending if you are a student or an adult. Students have been working extremely hard, and your support means the world to them! It makes all of the late night rehearsals worth it. We hope to see you there!


  1. What led you to join the musical?

“I’ve been doing musicals since I was 8 and I do every one I can.”


  1. Tell us about your part.

“I play ado annie. She’s very flirtatious and a little stupid.”


  1. Do you enjoy your time with the cast?

“I love the cast and hanging out both during and before/after rehearsals.”


  1. What is your favorite memory so far from rehearsals?

“just making stupid inside jokes with all the people in the cast.”


  1. What would you say to encourage others to join the musical next year?

“Even football players do the musical!”


  1. Whose part, other than your own, is your favorite?

“Jud, just because he’s a super interesting character, or ali hakim, because he’s really funny.”


  1. What is your favorite part, or song in the musical?

“Probably my song (I can’t say no) because it’s so fun to just run around and sing.”


  1. What is your least favorite part of rehearsals?

“The early rehearsals can be a little boring before we really get into the swing of things.”


  1. Is it difficult to balance school and the musical?

“Yes! I struggle to do my homework at rehearsals because I just want to hang out with my friends and watch all the scenes.”


  1. Why should people come watch the musical?

“It’s a great show with a great cast (and crew) with so many twists and turns.”