Lunch Facts

Chishun Wong shares some interesting lunch facts about our meals here at LC.


Lunch Facts
“What’s for lunch today?” is one of the most common question between students everyday. Here are some interesting facts about lunch. Don’t forget to checkout the poster board in the hallway by cafeteria, the school will post the lunch menu of the whole month on it.
1. What is the lunch that take the longest time to prepare?
Mrs. Macklin arrives at school at 7:00 a.m. to start preparing the meal for the day. Most of our meals only take one day of preparation, that is, they are prepared within four hours. Our most time consuming meal to prepare are the sliders. Mrs. Macklin makes between 300-400 little sliders for the day they are on the menu. She slices the rolls and thaws the turkey meat the day before the meal. On the day of the meal she has to add the turkey, cheese and make the special sauce that goes over the sliders, then bake them! She is also responsible for preparing any vegetables that are on the menu. Our hardest meals to serve are meatballs and popcorn chicken. We just started pre-portioning the popcorn chicken, so that has helped the servers be able to serve you more quickly.
Ms. Michelle is our salad and sandwich maker. She starts making salad and sandwiches at 8:30 a.m. Ms. Jeanne prepares all the fruit and gets the milk ready to serve everyday as well as helping Ms. Michelle as needed.
2. What do the lunch staff do after lunch?
When the students head back to class after lunch we count how much food is left, and then record that information on a production sheet. Then all the food must be put away, the serving line must be cleaned and sanitized, the dishes washed and put away and the floors swept and mopped. When all that is done the lunch ladies eat their lunch and then go home for the day.

3. Do you know the cafeteria has specialty salads?
We are excited about the new specialty sandwiches and salads! Have you tried one yet? We offer a different specialty sandwich available each week, available Monday through Thursday. On Fridays we serve an egg salad sandwich. Every Wednesday we have a different specialty salad available for you to pre-order. The specialty salads count as a reimbursable meal with a milk and fruit. Mrs. Leigh would like you to know that the menu is posted on the bulletin board in the cafeteria hallway and on the school web page under Student Life. You can pre-order a salad for Wednesday by emailing [email protected]. Please pre order by 10:00a.m.

4. Need service hours? Come and help at lunch!
Did you know that when you serve lunch, you earn a free meal for the day or service hours? Please see Mrs. Leigh if you are interested, it doesn’t have to be everyday. Mrs. Leigh will notify your teacher that you are a lunch server.

We are happy to serve the students and enjoy preparing food for you!