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Ms. Graziadei

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Ms. Graziadei, who has been working at Lumen for 47 years according to her count, has retired.  Many people know her as “Honey,” but her full name is Raphaelle Angela Graziadei. The name Raphaelle was after her father (Raphael). She was named this because she was the “last child.” That was until three more followed! In all, she has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. She is now the eldest with the passing of a sister and a brother.

She first came to Lumen Christi by a call from Sister Anne Paquette, who was the V.P., in July of 1970. After an interview with Sister Anne and then Fr. Coyle, she was hired to start in the upcoming school year to teach Latin and Religion. Ms. Graziadei taught full time for 36 years, at which point she moved to part time and eventually took over the teacher supply area which she has been doing for about 5 years. Ms. Graziadei was also known for teaching Latin I, II, III, IV. She says she loved it. Lumen Christi had an active Latin club and put on an annual Latin night that one year had up to 263 people who attended.

Ms. Graziadei has seen first-hand many of the changes that have occurred at the school since 1970. At that time, at least half of the faculty were sisters and priests. There was a kind of camaraderie among the faculty that she misses personally. People married, moved on, died, etc. And the “dedicated” moved on. As the person here for the longest time, she knew it was time to go.

Now, after 47 years, she plans to go “back home” to Port Huron where her brothers and sisters live. She’s possibly going to help with her brother Dom’s donut shoppe and volunteer in her parish or at the the hospital. Summer evenings may find her on the shore of the St. Clair River, casting a line, because one day she hopes to catch a Muskie.

Some of her favorite memories here at Lumen were the friendships, teaching kids who wanted to learn, taking Latin club trips to Chicago, the first all-Catholic schools mass of Lumen Christi, spring trips to the NCEA, learning a great deal, and most of all, meeting wonderful people. Over the years, she has had more than 3,000 kids who have sat in her classroom. Her hope is that each of them took away something good from the experiences. She learned that she was a “tough teacher.” If that means holding to a standard and asking that students reach out to achieve things, she doesn’t apologize. If however, there was any hurt or sorrow caused to anyone and she did not set it right, then she sincerely apologizes now and hopes that no bad feelings linger. But there is much joy and little regret over the years. She thanks God for the glory of His providence and wishes only the best for the future of Lumen Christi Catholic School.

Ms. Graziadei was set to retire on Friday, March 10, but since that was the week of the power outages at the school, her unofficial retirement came a few days earlier on Wednesday! We will miss you, Ms. Graziadei!


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Ms. Graziadei