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Quarter Exams

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     Last year we had to take an exam every two quarters or every one semester. Soon, however, we have to take a quarter “ exam” at the end of every quarter. This exam is pretty much just like a test or a couple of tests at the end of each quarter. Then at the end of each semester, there will still be a semester exam just like all the other years. The exam will still be same information and the same length as it would be any other time.  Herr Cole says that this quarter exam thing is something that is not yet a sure thing, but something that we are working towards doing every quarter in the future. This last quarter some teachers gave us a test in the last week of the quarter but they might not have necessarily been considered, “ quarter exams.” The quarter exams might stress students out because the word exam tends to have that effect on high school students. However, the quarter exams might be a good thing because they will help students to remember everything they learned in just one quarter instead of trying to remember everything from two quarters all in one exam. Then, when students are preparing for their second quarter/first exam,  they will be able to look back on their quarter exam from first quarter to help them study and remember what they didn’t know for the next test. Obviously, the teachers are going to like the idea of a quarter exam because it is another grade for them to have and it could really help students get a better grade on their overall semester exams which is really important. When it comes time for semester exams, teachers tend to pile on the work to prepare us for it along with a study guide so maybe now with the quarter exams there will be less prep work for the actual semester exam. Personally, I think that the quarter exam is not the worst idea ever. It is not necessarily great, because as students, no one likes to take any extra tests. Although these tests may cause some added stress to high school they could also improve grades for the overall semester exams. These tests are not set in stone here at Lumen Christi, but they are most likely going to become a part of our curriculum in the near future. Whether students like the idea or not, it is one they will have to get used to, especially the underclassmen because they will be attending here longer.

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Quarter Exams