Carol’s series of unfortunate events

Caroline’s car, “Jordan”, has a special attraction to deer, and Caroline’s tooth has a special attraction to Lily.


Senior Caroline Hilderley has had a bit of an unlucky streak since the school year has started. What really sticks out from the others are the things that happened to her on the third week of school. She not only hit her third deer in one calendar year on her way to her golf tournament, but she lost her front tooth at a football game.

On September 10, Caroline was on her way to her second golf tournament of the year in Marshall. As she was driving to Marshall, she hit her third deer in the past year. Her car’s name is “Jordan”, and sadly we don’t know if it’s going to
make it due to it being the third deer it’s hit. But a week earlier on September 2, Caroline got a little too rambunctious in the student section, resulting in a lost front tooth. At Lumen’s second game of the season against Coldwater, she was jumping up and down  and collided with senior classmate Lily Beebe and hit her tooth on Lily’s head. From the pressure of them colliding together, Caroline lost her tooth. Thankfully they are both fine and Caroline got a new tooth the next morning.
It’s already hard enough to lose a tooth at a football game, but combining it with hitting a deer, we can all agree that was a tough week. She is all good now, and hopefully these are just good, funny memories to look back on and laugh about.