The Baseline Bums

The drippiest student section


Some of the best things in sports are the student sections. At Lumen, our basketball teams’ student section are full of the baseline bums. To explain, they are the leaders of the basketball student section. They are the people who dress up in basketball uniforms, preferably a Lumen jersey, and they stand and get the crowd excited. Sometimes some of the girls will also dress up as cheerleaders and bring their cheer game.

The goal of the baseline bums is to really get the crowd to cheer –  especially our student section. Some players even say that they play better when the baseline bums are present. The baseline bummers are usually made up of mostly seniors and a few juniors. Basketball celebrations on the baseline are essential to the culture of the baseline bum. Often times, the baseline bums dress normally, then come out of the locker room after the team does and are ready to cheer.