Recent Grad Serves Country

Ben Wilkins talks of an important lesson learned

2019 graduate Benjamin Wilkins returned back to Lumen on September 5, after having a busy time since his graduation in May. He entered the Marine Corps, and he had just finished boot camp, and came back for a visit. His life has changed quite a bit since last year, and entering into boot camp, he did not feel too prepared, but he survived and came out on the other side of it as a Marine.  So we asked him if he had any words of wisdom.  

“My favorite part about coming back and visiting Lumen was the emphasis that was put on last year’s theme of “old friends.” I didn’t quite grasp it then, but now that I’ve gone off into the world and come back to find a lot of my old friends have gone, I wish I had paid a little more attention. Maybe spent a little more time with them. It’s so important that you enjoy your time at high school with those people you’ve known since kindergarten. You can go out, travel, and make new friends, but they will never know you like your old friends do.”