Should Assessments Be Graded?

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At Lumen Christi, the rules have been changed to where assessments will be graded, and graded as a test score at that. However, they say one can not study for the assessment because it is for the teachers to get a sense of where the students are at in order to find the weak points in a class, and reteach it. This is supposedly to prepare for the exams and strengthen those weaknesses. It is said that this was implemented to make students try and obtain a good grade and not randomly fill stuff in. Is this the right approach to it, though? It depends who you ask, but many would say no. Here’s why.

For one example, you can not study for the assessment. No study guides are given, and you are, as said before, told you can not specifically study for the assessment. This is then an unfair disadvantage to the students. The main purpose of an assessment is to find the strengths and weaknesses of someone, and the entire class all together, so the teacher can then reteach it to the class and strengthen those weak points. Saying it will be graded just to try and force students to try is not the route to take. For one, some students have test anxiety or anxiety in general. Applying pressure to students with anxiety or who just don’t do well under pressure will have the opposite effect someone was going for. Stressing a student out does not help with their study habits in the first place, but may as well even stress them out to the point of shutting down and not doing the work at all. If the assessment was made to see where  students are at, then it should not be graded if a student can not study for such an assessment. It is a students free will and choice to choose if they want to actually try or not, not the school’s decision. Being from a Catholic school, and free will was given by God, it is the student’s decision to use that free will as they so choose. If someone wishes to change something, they should first see what it is like in a day to day life of a student, even with work on top of it all.