New Sock Policy Aims to Limit Problems from Last Year

Policy officially started Monday, September 16.


Today, Monday, September 16th, began a new policy! Instead of the old, boring knee-high socks, all 9-12 grade girls will now be required to wear the new LC socks! Because of the feedback from students, parents, and teachers about the sock policy last year, the policy was revised by our senior leaders. The new sock policy is easy to manage and fair for students. Girls wearing skirts must wear either the new LC socks, solid black or grey leggings, or solid black, grey, or white tights. These socks are available for a reasonable price at both Educational Outfitters and the LC fan shop. The senior leaders worked very hard to design the new sock and revise the policy in an effort to make things fair and also develop some school spirit and pride in our school, as represented by the new LC socks.When asked what they think about the new sock policy, sophomores Hanna Minder and Bree Green replied that they “like them way better than the knee-highs” and “they look way better with our uniforms.”