Senior Research Papers


It is that time of year where the stress level of the senior class rises. Roughly two months ago, they were assigned a research paper in English class. This paper is required to graduate. From the beginning, Mr. Miller has been warning them to work on it little by little so that by the time the first rough draft is due, they would not be doing it the night before we had to turn it in. All he was saying was to not procrastinate. Of course, that was not the case, and he knew that there would be seniors who would wait until the last minute to type their papers. Typing the paper was not the biggest issue. All the preparation – including the research itself to make the source document, then to use those sources, and put them onto note cards was the difficult part of the project – but it did not stop there. In all honesty, once the note cards were completed the paper was done. The outline would be very helpful because we are taking our note cards and putting them onto the outline and organizing them to make the paper flow. The first rough draft was due on Monday, October 29th. I was one of the seniors who stayed up very late to finish my paper, along with a few others that I know of. And I figured that if I just get it done and over with, all that will have to be done will just be the edits. The second rough draft, with the edits, was just turned in this Monday, November 12. The final draft due date for the senior research paper is Monday, December 3rd.