Keegan Smith talks with Greg Stechschulte about football life and brotherhood.


Why do you do something? For the fame? For the relationship? I asked Greg why do you play football? “I do it for the team aspect and because I love the sport it’s just really a great program, lumen is, and to be part of it”. Being apart of a successful program is fun, winning is fun. When playing football all you do, is for the person next to you, it’s a brootherhood. If you have play or played you would understand this aspect of the sport. When I ask myself why do i play football, I play football for my family, brothers and to get out of Jackson. I’m trying to get my education paid for with the sport. Now Greg is a genius, he is the #1 ranked student in the 2020 Graduation year. He is going to pick what college he goes to. People asked him over and over, why do you not play football? Greg is probally 6’3, he is a bigger frame. He stepped out of his comfort zone and is enjoying it so much, when he cam eout he came with heart, euthesium and effort. People who on the edge of playing football come out you won’ regret it.