Mr. Richmond offers up a “Theology Sandwich”

New seminar offering gives students to chance to engage with the issues facing the Catholic faith


 At Lumen Christi for the past two years, students have had a decision to make at the end of each quarter. Students have had to decide on what seminar they want to choose. At his second year at Lumen Christi, Mr. Richmond’s seminar has attracted a variety of students. His seminar class called, “ Theology Sandwich” has caught the interest of many students here at LC. His seminar has twenty-two students in it who daily discuss many theological debates and issues of today. When asked about his plans for his seminar this year, Mr. Richmond said it would be, “an open floor for questions, concerns, and debate on matters in the Catholic Church today.” He also stated that among the topics they would cover would be “the church scandal, same-sex marriage and other important issues.” This is Mr. Richmond’s second year doing this seminar and said he had wanted to bring it back for another year. He brought it back because he liked the format and wanted some extra time for students who had deep interest and felt they did not have enough time to cover these topics in class. Mr. Richmond said he hopes that his students gain “enlightenment on church positions, why the church teaches what it does ,and when confronted by someone for there faith… that they may have a strong foundation to rely on.” He continues to bring Christ to his students in all of his classes. Konnor Barks, a student in Theology Sandwich, when asked about the seminar said, “it’s a great way to discuss theological debates and also work on theology homework while being able to ask questions of Mr. Richmond personally.”  Barks also said that, “the other students in the seminar also enjoy it because they are allowed to take some time to relax and get away from school for a bit.” In Mr. Richmond’s theology classes, students and even whole classes periodically get to take the time to go to the chapel and spend some quiet time with God.